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Monday, October 11, 2010

Bennett's Curse Chosen as one of the 25 MUST SEE HAUNTS 2010 from

The Must See 25 Haunts for 2010 is full of fantastic haunted houses that you MUST go see if you can! I visited hundreds of haunts and chose some of the most unique, complete, scariest and fun haunts for the list. The haunts were selected solely based on the quality of their shows. As always, I have no ownership or financial stake in any of these haunted houses.

We all have different opinions about what we like in a haunt, but we all know that the best measure of success lies in whether or not the customers scream, and each of the 25 on our list do just that.

1.1. House of Shock- New Orleans, LA
2.2. Kevin McCurdy’s Haunted Mansion- Poughkeepsie, New York
3.3. Scarehouse- Pittsburg, PA
4.4. Dead Acres- Columbus, OH
5.5. House of Torment- Austin, TX
6.6. Fear Itself- Mishawaka, IN
7.7. Dent School House- Cincinnati, OH
8.8. Nightmare on 13th- Salt Lake City, UT
9.9. Wisconsin Feargrounds- Waukesha, WI
10.10. Blood Manor- New York, NY
11.11. Frightworld- Buffalo, NY
12.12. Headless Horseman- Ulster Park, NY
13.13. Chambers of Horror- Atlanta, GA
14.14. Universal Horror Nights- Orlando, FL
15.15. Hobb’s Grove- Fresno, CA
16.16. Knott’s Scary Farm- Anaheim, CA
17.17. Erebus- Pontiac, MI
18.18. The Nest- Phoenix, AZ
19.19. Haunted Hotel- Louisville, KY
20.20. Screamworld- Houston, TX
21.21. Reindeer Manor- Dallas, TX
22.22. Phobia- Houston, TX
23.23. Bennett’s Curse- Hanover, MD
24.24. Haunted Nashville- Nashville, TN
25.25. Scream Acres- Florence, SC


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